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Businesses in the know subscribe to customs data in Excel from HMRC, gaining instant insight into their customs profile. HMRC uses the same data sets when carrying out its customs duty audits, so obtaining this data levels the playing field.

The data, known as Managed Service System or MSS data, is a monthly record of import and export entries. The reports contain data for customs entries where your business acts as the importer or exporter, including:

  • the Commodity Code;
  • Customs Procedure Code;
  • any customs duty and Import VAT paid;
  • claims for preferential rates under Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

Customs Analytics software enriches your Customs MSS Data, automatically applies algorithms that mirror the checks we use in customs reviews to find over-payments, under-payments, anomalies and more.

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Most importers use several customs brokers to make customs declarations. Therefore, the data sits outside their commercial systems and pulling it together is challenging. Subscribing for MSS saves considerable time and effort for as little as £250 per year.

MSS data can play a crucial role in managing customs compliance within a business. It facilitates checking customs records and data to identify and investigate any potential errors. These checks include the critical areas of classification, origin and valuation of goods, all of which can impact the amount of customs duty paid by a business and the use of Customs Special Procedures.

Accurate Data is Vital

As the responsibility for correctly declaring goods rests with the named importer, it is imperative that you have confidence in the accuracy of the data provided. It is also important that any errors or discrepancies are identified and rectified promptly, as failure to do so can lead to increased costs through overpayments of duty to penalties from HMRC resulting from underpayments of duty.

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Put your Customs MSS Data on steroids today by uploading your Customs MSS Data to our plug and play Customs Analytics software, which:

  • Uses algorithms to automatically spot potential errors;
  • Presents the data in a more intuitive way;
  • Enables correction of errors to make reclaims or disclose underpayments;
  • Updates your data when HMRC approves any reclaims or disclosures, maintaining updated data to support ongoing audit and decision making.
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Our Customs Analytics software brings your Customs MSS Data to life.  Gain a competitive advantage and put your MSS Data on steroids today!

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