Plug and play to save time and money.

Customs Analytics by Barbourne Brook is a simple, plug and play application that swiftly analyses raw customs data from HMRC against other data sets to help businesses make sense of their customs planning. This helps you adhere to compliance standards and avoid inaccuracies in customs planning by uncovering over-/under-payments and other potential anomalies.

Gain clarity of customs declarations with a comprehensive and encompassing view of customs data. Save time and money by streamlining your resources. Be confident if you get selected for an audit.


The extensive customs consultancy experience and precise data science in Customs Analytics provide peace of mind and huge benefits:

Risk Management

Quickly identifying potential issues before audit season.

Clarity & Error Reduction

The enriched customs data provides an encompassing insight into inaccuracies and anomalies.

Lower Administrative Cost

The plug and play interface saves time and resources by automating regular and streamlined compliance processes.

Customs Strategy

Thorough analysis of your enriched customs data allows you to visualise future customs planning scenarios.

Comprehensive data and expert consultancy support with Customs Analytics.

Accurate customs planning with Customs Analytics starts with a simple onboarding process that is conducted by Barbourne Brook consultants, including video and how-to guides.

Get access to smart components that consultants use to analyse core elements that determine customs duty costs:

  • Customs Classification (commodity/ tariff codes)
  • Origin for FTAs and duty rate reduction
  • Customs Valuation for clear payable duty calculations
  • Customs Special Procedures to uncover any potential reliefs

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Clear and simple, plug-and-play.

No complex interfacing with commercial systems. To get the most of Customs Analytics, all you need is a subscription to HMRC data download service to set up the software in just minutes.

Find out how easy it is to use customs analytics


Customs Analytics is a simple, plug and play software that swiftly analyses raw customs data from HMRC against other data sets to help businesses make sense of their customs planning. 

Customs Analytics is a responsive online application that can be accessed from any device. However, to get the best from the application, we strongly recommend logging on from a desktop computer to give you the best experience that enables you to see the complex data components in all their detail.

Yes. Customs Analytics is an online cloud-based application that requires a users device to be connected to the internet at all times.

Yes. Customs Analytics is GDPR compliant.

Customs Analytics has a clear cost structure. 

It is worth noting that the primary data that it runs on requires an annual subscription to the HMRC data download service which sends raw data to the business in an excel spreadsheet. This subscription costs £240 per annum. 

Customs Analytics streamlines the information that businesses need to make educated decisions about their customs planning strategy. It is designed to be easy to use and there will be a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure you are up and running in no time. In addition, consultants will be on-hand to assist if you have questions.

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