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Businesses struggle to have a clear view of their customs declarations because they use third parties to submit these on their behalf, or use Duty Management Systems with limited reporting. Those in the know subscribe to electronic customs data from HMRC but even this data is limited and hard to use. Others spend significant time and effort chasing their brokers for documentation, carrying out sample checks or simply abdicate responsibility and hope they are not selected for audit.

Our unique stand-alone customs software will …

Help your business make sense of its customs data and gain control

Automate the process of spotting common over-payments and under-payments

Make real-time amendments to your customs data

Update and organise data to support any customs audit of your business

Prove your business is carrying out due diligence checks

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Why is CAT360 unique?

Critically, when the errors resolution process is accepted by HMRC it updates your original data, maintains audit trails, and prepares your business to face any customs regulatory audits.  CAT360 software allows real time updates so your data is always uptodate.  Particularly useful if you should find yourself called for HMRC audit.

CAT360 is plug and play, stand-alone app, so can be installed quickly and easily without any input from your own IT systems.  The onboarding process is simple, supported by our consultants, videos, and how-to guides.

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CAT360 is built on a combination of extensive customs consultancy experience and data science.

Our stand-alone customs analytics software enhances your customs data by pulling in other data sets we use in consultancy, automatically applies algorithms that mirror the checks we use in customs reviews to find over-payments, under-payments, anomalies etc. and outputs findings in a business-friendly way.

The software supports the business in actioning these insights by generating formatted reports to support the reclaim of voluntary disclosure process, speeding up issue resolution.

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“Barbourne Brook’s capabilities and knowledge have been indispensable. Lacking the expertise or resource in house, they have provided us with a clear roadmap to improve our customs conformity, standardise processes and ensure best practice. The analytical software has not only provided great insight but elevated understanding allowing us to grow in confidence. They have enabled us to make substantial financial savings and guided us through some challenges. The team are helpful, eager to support and receive feedback at each stage, to ensure we are completely satisfied in our partnership.

Sarah Blunt, Head of International Trade, Princes

“Barbourne Brook set up a system that proved to be invaluable and the savings were astronomical especially not falling could again with HMRC.”

John Fletcher, General Manager, VBR Turbine Partners BV

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