The customs regulations provide a significant number of specific options to reduce ongoing customs duty costs.

This improves gross profit margins and working capital through cash-flow savings.

Once in place, these savings can simply roll-on year after year, often with no additional work.

We have developed a database of over 170 customs planning savings ideas, gathering these from customs regulations, case law, customs internal guidance, previous successful experience etc. These ideas focus on the core elements that determine customs duty costs including classifications, origin rules and the use of Free Trade Agreements, customs valuation and the application and maximisation of customs duty relief arrangements.

Barbourne Brook works with clients to:

Review business operations and identify any opportunities

Obtain specific agreements with customs to take advantage of these options

Implement processes to ensure any additional compliance obligations are met

Carrying out ongoing checks to ensure ongoing compliance

Why is Customs Planning Important?

Customs Planning is a must for businesses that are engaged in the movement of goods internationally. This can prove difficult for many companies to fulfil, the procedures that are implicated in international trade go further than primary import and export processes and the payment of customs duties. The procedures impact a whole range of commercial policies and transactions. Without controlled management and well-timed planning, the procedure can become very expensive.

Businesses that properly plan and recognise the savings and advantages that our planning services can produce, will enable them to partake in the work that matters and reduce time on troubleshooting issues that can arise due to customs legislations.

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Customs Planning
Customs Planning

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