Customs Landscape utilises a wealth of consulting experience by applying our proven method of analysing your unique business customs profile and applying a checklist of over 200 planning ideas and common mistakes to uncover threats and opportunities for your business.

Customs Landscape is a deep dive into your customs sphere covering everything, including the core customs elements of classification, origin & valuation.

  • We look at your systems, processes and procedures for instructing agents, carrying out checks, fixing ongoing issues, and reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • We identify opportunities to reduce customs duty costs through implementing reliefs, changes to current practices etc.
  • We examine specific historic errors leading to overpaid customs duties (reclaims) and underpayments (potential duty demands) and use our tried and tested methodology to find risks and opportunities quickly.
  • We produce a roadmap focusing on high-risk and reward areas and break the remaining projects into bite-sized chunks for you to work through – with our support if necessary.

Our Customs Landscape Services enable your business to:

Uncover and reclaim any over-paid customs duty going back up to three-years with full disclosure and HMRC approval.

Highlight compliance issues and process inefficiencies, mitigate compliance risk, build a sound foundation for ongoing compliance, and manage future regulatory customs audits with minimum fuss.

Determine the Return on Investment of customs planning options available to improve ongoing gross profit margins.

The customs regulations also provide a range of options and elections to reduce ongoing customs duty costs.

Many of these cost saving opportunities are subject to qualifying conditions or authorisations.  We can let you know what options apply, the conditions to be met and how to safely implement these ideas. If your business has overpaid customs duties in the last three years then we will find these lost profits, build any reclaims and agree them with the customs authorities based on full disclosure.  We get paid for this element of Customs Landscape when you do, moving the risk from you to us.

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If your business has compliance issues or process weaknesses, then we will flag and quantify these and provide recommendations on how these are best resolved.

This protects you from ongoing margin erosion for a simple fixed fee.  Customs duty is subject to audit-based control, with minimal checks being carried out at time of import.  Customs declarations remain open for at least three years, and errors can lead to:

  • Collection of underpaid customs duty;
  • Penalties of up to the value of the underpaid customs duty;
  • Supply-chain delays;

  • Reputational damage and higher risk scores, inviting more frequent audits, and
  • Potential exclusion from or removal of customs planning.

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The benefits of our
Customs Landscape Services

Understand your customs profile

Customs Landscape applies traditional auditing techniques that look at process against best practice and the substantive elements that determine your customs duty costs, including customs classification, origin and the use of Free Trade Agreements, Customs Valuation and Customs duty relief regimes.

Data driven results

We also connect you to your customs data and provide enhanced customs analytics to support your ongoing understanding.  This data, coupled with our tools and check-lists, enables us to deliver our findings within 3-4 weeks of engagement.

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