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Our team of Customs Duty Consultants implement best practice by applying our proven methods of analysing your unique customs profile.  We apply a checklist of over 200 planning ideas and our knowledge of common mistakes to uncover threats and opportunities for your business.

Our solutions are data-driven having invested in our unique stand-alone Customs Analytics Software, which underpins our solutions giving us real insight into your organisation.  Risks are mitigated with effective customs compliance that improves profit margins by cutting customs duty costs and injecting cash into the business in the form of duty reclaims.

Why is Customs Duty Planning So Important?

A robust Customs Duty planning strategy is a must for businesses that are engaged in the movement of goods internationally, especially since Brexit. This can prove difficult for many companies to fulfil, the procedures that are implicated in international trade go further than primary import and export processes and the payment of customs duties. The procedures impact a whole range of commercial policies and transactions. Without controlled management and well-timed planning, the procedure can become very expensive.

Did you know? Customs declarations remain open for at least three years.

We Do Things Differently …

We work closely with clients to understand your business and tailor customs duty planning specifically to your individual needs, keeping you compliant and future-proofing your business.

Barbourne Brook Journey

Assess your current position with our pre-emptive audit to identify issues and implement corrective action.

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Achieve peace of mind with our scaleable managed service.

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Take a deep dive into your customs data with our unique stand-alone customs analytics software.  Make amendments to your customs data in real-time, achieve complete visibility of your customs compliance obligations, whilst spotting risks and opportunities.

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Real people, real results!

Barbourne Brook is a fast-growing customs duty consultancy with an accomplished team of diverse and varied skillsets; from ex-big 4 consultants, legal and accounting backgrounds to ex-in-house industry and logistics experts. This variety and level of expertise enables Barbourne Brook to provide clients with valuable insight to the challenges facing businesses within the Customs sphere and different perspectives when analysing clients unique customs profile.

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Find out what the latest developments in customs could mean for you with our blog and webinars.

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