With industry experts, technology and an extensive database of customs planning ideas, it’s all about finding best solutions for your unique needs.

A robust customs planning strategy improves gross profit margins and working capital through cash-flow savings. Once embedded in your company processes, your team can expect savings every year, with little to no additional work. 

At Barbourne Brook, we recognise that all businesses have unique requirements to address common challenges. Our team has the means and expertise to help ensure peace of mind when it comes to navigating around making customs duty processes work for your business.

Discover your strategy to robust customs planning from our additional services:

Customs Planning

Gain insight into the vast customs regulations options available to reduce ongoing customs duty costs and improve gross profit margins year-on-year. We will guide you through any opportunities from our database of 200 customs planning saving ideas.

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Customs Planning on Capital Projects

With planning, acquisition, building or procuring expensive equipment, one-off capital projects may be complex but there are still opportunities to save on customs duties. Barbourne Brook focusses on tariff classifications, Free Trade Agreements, customs valuations and use of special procedure or reliefs to improve savings opportunities.

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Customs Compliance

Businesses are solely liable for the accuracy of their customs declarations, duties and import VAT. Barbourne Brook’s Customs Compliance team work with clients to implement and maintain best practices in process mapping, gap analysis and implementing the necessary procedures to avoid unnecessary profit losses as a result of penalties and additional collections.

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Inward Processing

Some businesses can reduce customs duty charges when importing and exporting goods before putting them to a qualifying use with inward processing. By doing this, your business might be required to take on additional compliance obligations in order to adhere to HMRC regulations. Barbourne can help in determining your inward processing requirements.

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Free Ports & Virtual Free Ports

Using free ports when importing goods enables businesses to process and store them without customs duty. Freeports also facilitate tariff inversion, allowing businesses to apply the duty rate applicable to processed projects instead of the tariff rates of imports. Barbourne Brook can help navigate around one of the critical flagship policies launched from Brexit.

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Customs Warehousing

Need free port capabilities at your premises to delay or remove the need to pay customs duties? Customs warehousing is an option for some businesses, Barbourne Brook can help with the customs warehouse application process to provide savings on VAT, HMRC or any affiliated charges.

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