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Komatsu UK Ltd

“Barbourne Brook has provided customs advice on many occasions, always demonstrating deep knowledge of the subject coupled with innovative ideas to help the business mitigate its duty liabilities.”

Stuart Reid, Finance Director

Ensinger Group Ltd

“Barbourne Brook delivered customs advice which we found insightful and very educational. I would not hesitate to recommend Barbourne Brook to other companies.”

James Cole, Finance Director

VBR Turbine Partners B.V.

“Barbourne Brook support our UK and EU business in a very professional and diligent manner, and was available a a moment’s notice to give advice and run with whatever was thrown at them, many times under extreme pressure and deadlines.”

John Fletcher, General Manager

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) is an internationally recognised badge of trading excellence

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Are Your Customs Procedures Compliant?

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Understanding the Task Involved With Submitting an AEO Application

Customs obligations are often split between multiple departments. Finance typically manages the relationship with HMRC, taking the lead in managing compliance audits. Purchasing sets up supplier contracts whose content impacts the customs value. Logistics deals with the freight agents to get customs declarations made 

This often leads to a disjointed approach where departments evolve in separate directions.  This can make gathering all the information challenging, and no one department naturally takes the lead. 

Working with Barbourne Brook towards AEO accreditation?

Although gathering all the information for an AEO application and facing a HMRC audit can seem like a daunting and unwieldy process, our partnership with you will ensure that all the necessary information is pulled together in an organised and methodical way, with minimal impact on your regular operations.   

At Barbourne Brook we have 98 collective years of experience, which we have used to formulate a tried and tested methodology for obtaining AEO status. This will deliver the complete project in the most efficient way whilst voiding the common pitfalls. We can assist in a supporting capacity or offer a fully project managed solution to your AEO journey.  

Our Services

Our experts can assist with all aspects of AEO applications including: 

  • AEO support and guidance.
  • Project managed “turn-key” solution for AEO status.
  • Independent audit of your existing AEO.
  • Assisting with standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • Regular sampling of customs transactions to ensure ongoing compliance with AEO.
  • Ongoing support and ad hoc advice.

Our Methodology
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The Application Process


Completion of AEO application form is complex and time consuming task in itself, however building the relevant documentation, systems and controls takes the process to another level.  An application will trigger an audit, so it is prudent to have your house in order before you submit an application.

At Barbourne Brook we call this the Customs Landscape project, which is a deep dive into your customs sphere to uncover any risks and opportunities that may be within the current structure. This project can also be used as a gap analysis showing where you are now against where you need to be for AEO purposes. At this stage, you can assess how much work is involved and how much support you will need.  Any issues can be fixed before you progress with AEO and have the customs authorities audit.

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