At Barbourne Brook, we marry best practice and a deep understanding of customs law to deliver pragmatic solutions, using our own digital tools to perform a deep-dive into your business.

In conjunction with our database of planning ideas, we analyse your data to produce valuable insights enabling you to reduce costs, recover overpayments and manage your compliance risks.  Our aim is to become trusted business advisors, supporting your business as it responds to an ever changing business climate.


With our bespoke information gathering approach and experienced Team, Barbourne Brook quickly gets under the bonnet to learn about your unique business needs and address the issue of ‘unknown unknowns’.

Planning ideas

With years of industry experience, Barbourne Brook has honed its delivery of over 200 value added solutions to help you avoid the bear traps whilst driving speed and quality thus maximising the benefits available to you.

Pragmatic solutions

We employ a tried and tested approach to minimise any risks of subsequent challenge typically delivering 400% plus ROI through reclaims, duty savings or managing your compliance obligations.  We zero in on the biggest risks and opportunities and deliver projects quickly and well, first time.

Trusted business advisors

Barbourne Brook’s approach is to get to understand your business and become a trusted business advisor, not merely to react to customs issues as they materialise.  We get to know your business past, present and future and offer lasting solutions tailored to your needs.

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How can we help?

We are on-hand to help with all of your customs need. Provide us with some details on your circumstances and one of our friendly experts will be in touch to provide support and advice.