It has become apparent that the real casualties of Brexit are within the SME space and as such, Barbourne Brook has developed an SME focused training course covering the entire customs landscape.

This course aims to give businesses complete peace of mind and clarity on the options available to best navigate the new landscape.

Would you like to:

Fill in gaps in your understanding around ongoing compliance in this new era?

Address concerns about meeting the new rules of origin?

Be able to correctly classify your business’s commodity codes?

Have a good understanding of the declaration process and what incoterms to use?

What customs duty relief schemes are available?

Find out if you would survive an HMRC audit? 

Don’t get tripped up

Customs is subject to audit-based control with movements open for three years and failure comply may lead to additional customs duty demands, penalties, disruption to your supply chain; reputational damage and exclusion from key customs regimes and reliefs.

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