Since Leaving the EU, UK Businesses Face Significant Challenges

Customs errors can lead to HMRC penalties, supply chain delays, reputational damage and exclusion from custom’s facilitative regimes.

It has become apparent that the real casualties of Brexit are within the SME space and as such, Barbourne Brook has developed an SME focused training course covering the entire customs landscape. This course aims to give businesses complete peace of mind and clarity on the options available to best navigate the new landscape.

Our SME training courses are delivered remotely over 2 sessions and are limited to 15 businesses on any one course and followed with a Q&A session and a recording of the event.

Why take this course?

Are there gaps in your understanding around ongoing compliance in this new era? Are you concerned about meeting the new rules of origin? Is there a full understanding within your business on how to correctly classify commodity codes? Confused about the declaration process and what incoterms to use? Want to understand the customs duty relief schemes used by other businesses?

How ready are you for a HMRC audit?

Prior to Brexit, most customs duty collected was sent to the EU. Now duty will become a UK tax revenue just at a time when UK companies must build back its balance sheet. This is likely to influence how customs is policed when the bedding in period ends. Businesses should get to grips with compliance now and become audit ready.

Course contents includes:

  • Introduction to Customs compliance
  • Clarity on Incoterms
  • Export & import process
  • EORI vs VAT numbers
  • Deferment accounts
  • Working with customs agents
  • Calculating duty and import VAT
  • Classification
  • Rules of Origin
  • Valuation of goods
  • Delayed declarations
  • Managing customs compliance
  • Surviving a customs audit

Conditions Apply: Payment must be made in full to secure a place on the course and no refunds will be given to cancellations within 10 days of commencement date.  Training is delivered remotely and is recorded.  In the case of non-attendance, you will receive the recorded training sessions and have the opportunity to a 1:1 Q&A session with our consultants.

Real people, real results!

Barbourne Brook is a fast-growing customs duty consultancy with an accomplished team of diverse and varied skillsets; from ex-big 4 consultants, legal and accounting backgrounds to ex-in-house industry and logistics experts. This variety and level of expertise enables Barbourne Brook to provide clients with valuable insight to the challenges facing businesses within the Customs sphere and different perspectives when analysing clients unique customs profile.

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